We love great food and we know you do too! When we started this business many years ago, it was to offer people of all races, religions, backgrounds, cultures, opinions, political views, etc - a place to come together to bridge our differences and reduce social conflicts over some delicious grub.

We always have and continue to believe that our diversity should be embraced and cherished regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you look like, who you love, and who you pray to, and even if you choose to not pray at all. We believe we are ALL part of this one big family called HUMANITY and we are ALL equally important. Sometimes we laugh...sometimes we cry...sometimes we even do both at the same time...that’s what makes us human. In our small world, we are ALL interconnected and we ALL contribute something important in some way. When we take the time to actually listen to each other, that’s how we better understand one another - and that’s the best way to work out our differences - even when we disagree.

So, if you love our food, please try your best to LOVE and RESPECT one another and CHERISH our beautiful planet - that’s all we ask.

We will continue to put our heart and soul into everything we make here and hope you enjoy dining with us. We will also continue to be socially and environmentally responsible by minimizing our carbon footprint and giving back to our community through various programs and initiatives that are aligned with our ideals - we encourage you to do the same (when and if you can) since every little bit counts and just a little bit from everyone can make a tremendous difference.

We love what we do and in an ever changing world, it’s so important to keep an open heart, an open mind, a love for our planet, and an empty seat for an unknown guest (who might just be your next best friend!) After all, strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

So get some hoomoos, grab a pita, start a conversation, join/start a positive movement (or support one), and do something to make the world better....even if it’s small.

Remember, life is beautiful...so live...laugh...even cry if you need to (of course hopefully they’re tears of joy) but most importantly - LOVE and RESPECT each other and CHERISH our planet.

- Love is our truth...Spread the Love!”

❤️ The Pita Shop crew!
Pita restaurant in Manhattan NY